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Scary time to clear in time for the holiday Birth

On time scary to clear in time for the holiday Birth The weather was terrible part of the country on Saturday, but Santa and other holiday travelers can expect calmer conditions during the next week. “The country is mostly clear Tuesday through Friday,” said the National … Read more in USA Today
on before the holiday season destruction claims 10 people, cancels flights NEW YORK (AFP) Dec 23 – has been blamed on the circumstances air across the United States for at least 10 deaths as hurricanes, blizzards and record temperatures create chaotic conditions. The five deaths in the state of Kentucky, reported CNN. Three people … Read more Boulder weather : high of 41 today, with the beginning of a sunny holiday Birth Boulder County received a light dust of snow overnight, but now expected to be sunny with highs reaching near 41 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Rock saw a half-inch of snow overnight, according to meteorologists Matt … Read more at