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The warm weather and sunshine for Saturday weather Thursday night, some scattered clouds come with temperatures falling into the lower 20S. Friday, any morning clouds give way to sunny skies. And temperatures ranging up to 30 top. And some areas in the south, the warm-up for low-40S. Tru … Read more Dayton Daily News

on ice throughout the day Thursday time Weather snow showers will continue throughout the day: a report published on Thursday the time. SNOW_PARKING_LOT.JPG. Expect showers this morning show, but little additional accumulation. (PD image file). ยท Printing Mike Rose, northeast Ohio Media Group by Mike Rose, … Read more in

on time Holiday Birth : Storm Snow leaving many without electricity across the United States Day Festival Christmas in New York City will be partly sunny, with a high near 28 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, and tomorrow we will see the city, “a slim chance of showers of snow before noon, then a chance slim showers between noon and … Read more