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On Weather: Warm and breezy night, the colder air arrives tomorrow was hot and windy day, but we are preparing for the next shot of cold air to move into Friday morning. There may be some mist or spray all over on Friday, but the storm gets really stepped up Friday night and Saturday. Heavy rains, including … Read more
on holiday feast Birth Weather: Storm and wide to bother Travel severe weather threatens the weekend. Share. Share FB. Share. Tweet. Tweet. Facebook. Showing Friends at risk. Possible affected: ° F ° C · Weather Forecast Today · National Weather Forecast Alerts severe · · · Safety Preparation Hurricane Central … Read more in The Weather Channel
on Friday Saturday after snow ice Due to the National Weather Service Freezing Rain Advisory for a large part of the Kansas City area before 9:00 Friday. A light ice on the roads is possible to ease on Friday morning. People should take care of, such as untreated roads, driveways, … Read more in Kansas City Star